• Chum-Kiu (By Prof . Leung Ting) (尋橋)
Chum-Kiu (By Prof . Leung Ting) (尋橋)
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  • 國際書號ISBN:9789627284758
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  • 裝幀:平裝
  • 版次:3
  • 尺寸大小:130x183mm
  • 頁數:130
  • 印刷次數:3
  • 語文版本:English英文
  • 重量:270 g
  • 分類:武術
Chum Kiu is the intermediate set of Wing Tsun kungfu, which should normally be learnt after the Siu-Nim-Tau set. As its name implies, Chum Kiu means the techniques aiming at "seeking the bridge arms of the opponent." In addition, the deeper meaning of Chum Kiu says that the practitioner is to learn how to "look for a bridge" between him and his opponent so he can easily detect the directions of attacks from his opponent. About the Author : Professor Leung Ting is the founder of the Leung Ting WingTsun system, permanent president and 10th level Master of Comprehension (MOC) of the International Wingtsun Association. He possessed a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and English Literature and Language. He was conferred the title of Doctor of Philosophy in 1979. Dr. Leung Ting had instructed at the Combat-arts of the National Sport of Bulgaria as a guest-professor in 1997. Leung Ting¡¦s Wing Tsun kungfu system is worldwide practiced by hundreds of thousands of martial art practitioners over 60 countries and embraced by the special forces, including the FBI and Marine Corps of the USA, SEK and GSG9 of Germany, RAID of France, GIP of Luxembourg, NOCS of Italy, and special police units of Belgium, Austria, Spain, etc. Besides his career of WingTsun kungfu, Professor Leung Ting has also been a kungfu film director, TV series director as well as martial art book writer.